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Since it’s technically Easter Sunday, and I’m going to be busy tomorrow…

Happy Easter! ^_^

Hope you have fun with family and eat lots of chocolate and jelly beans.

…I have nothing fun or exciting to add to this post. :P


This will help you write good.




Totally want those hoodies…



Totally want those hoodies…

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

So back in December I had this idea for a 2012 TMNT fanfic. The problem was that I didn’t have time to write it until March, I just recently got around to finishing it (editing the final chapter is all that’s left), so I decided to upload it. Why is this a problem?

It’s a Christmas story. Um, Happy Holidays…? It’s more about family than Christmas itself, but thanks to Mikey you’ll find no shortage of Christmas songs, at least in this chapter. ^_^;;

Posted on >here<.

Teaser: A small, three room lair is no place to raise four quickly growing turtles. But even the best of changes takes some getting used to, and not everyone is suitably prepared to face them. It’s a good thing family watches out for one another.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Chapter 1

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In those vocal fanfiction notes/recordings I mentioned earlier I have a tendency to try and mimic character voices and accents, and literally every time Splinter has a line I start trying to say it like him only to interrupt myself mid sentence going “NO! Stop trying to sound like Splinter! You just sound really stupid! So stop it!”

Every single line. And he has a lot of lines in the portion I was working on. ^_^;;

There are some shifts at work where I am the only one in the building. I love these shifts because I have a tendency to sing and talk to myself when I’m alone. For a short while I even used the opportunity to work through some fanfiction aloud, recording me talking through ideas and even verbally “writing” whole passages.

The problem with this? Having to go back and listen to it while typing it all out. Seriously, there is more dead space than anything, and it’s very tedious and boring. And then I’m going to have to go back and edit the whole thing because while the basic idea is right, the words don’t flow well together.

Why did I think this was a good idea again? :P


NOW BOOKING - Photoshoot Day Columbus!
5 Places in Columbus I Want To Shoot You!

  • German Village
  • Downtown Columbus - Day
  • Downtown Columbus - Night
  • Old Town East
  • Park of Roses

Yo! It’s spring, and that means it’s time for a Photoshoot Weekend in Columbus! Bookings are OPEN NOW!

These are just a few ideas of costumes you can have at each location. I’m sure people can come up with more! I love shooting in my city and I DON’T GET TO DO IT ENOUGH! Come run amok and terrify civilians with me! :D

Signal boosting for any interested parties!

Heading off to work on Good Friday. Luckily this cute dog that looks like it’s wearing stockings came across my dash, so I thought I’d share. Maybe it can put a smile on your face too.

Decided to make a separate post as opposed to reblogging what sparked this because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to jump in on their conversation and attack them.

…but I just couldn’t help myself. I had to get this out. XD Again, not meant as an attack, just an opinion. ^_^

(It’s about TMNT - Raph specifically - btw. Surprise, surprise. …it gets super, super long. >.> You have been warned.)

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Star Trek TNG Buttons! My favorite 90s space drama in the whole entire world!

I’m going to be selling these buttons at Anaheim’s upcoming Wondercon this weekend. I hope to reach out to all the other Trekkie fans out there!

The buttons will also be available for purchase in my STORENVY after the convention weekend!